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Why are we in Burundi? With high levels of poverty, malnutrition, and maternal mortality, Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Concern Worldwide has been operational in Burundi since 1997 and currently implements programmes focusing on health, nutrition, livelihoods, and social protection.

Almost 84% of Burundians are living in poverty

The maternal mortality rate in Burundi is amongst the worst in the world, with 548 deaths per 100,000 live births. Our work in Burundi focuses on nutrition, health, and livelihoods, with a particular emphasis on improving nutrition and overall health among people who are excluded from the health system. We specialise in community-based health and nutrition interventions.

Latest achievements


Through our nutrition project co-funded by UNICEF and WFP, 6,994 people received specialised nutritional inputs in Kirundo and Karusi, including 3,288 children aged 6-18 months. We are currently working on securing funding to continue this vital work.

Cash transfers

New project locations

Samuel Ndagijimana and five of his children standing outside brick building
Samuel Ndagijimana (39) and his wife have nine children. To earn a casual wage, Samuel cuts grass which is then spread over coffee plants to retain soil humidity. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Man tilling the ground in Burundi
Egide Hakizimana has four children and lives in Ngoma, Cibitoke. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Smiling child in Burundi holding workbook and pen
Virginie Irankunda (30) and François Nsaguye (39) have five children, only one of whom is at school. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Woman holding her sleeping child in shawl in Burundi
Perousse Bivugire (40) and her husband have four children, three of whom are at school. She works as a causal farm labourer, and finds it difficult to feed her children. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Egide Niyonkurum, a casual labourer, sitting on ground in front of posters
Egide has secured seasonal work making bricks from mud to earn money. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide

How we're helping in Burundi

We are working hard to combat extreme poverty and build resilience in Burundi through our livelihoods, health and nutrition, and social protection programmes.

Health and nutrition
Supporting livelihoods
National engagement
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