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Sudan Emergency Appeal

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Hostilities between rival armed factions in Sudan have forced over 110,000 people to seek refuge in neighbouring countries and have left over 330,000 people internally displaced. These people urgently need your help today.

Prior to the violence that broke out in April, 15.8 million Sudanese were in need of humanitarian assistance - that’s one third of the country. And the hostilities have disrupted vital nutrition support for some 50,000 young children suffering from acute malnutrition. 

The needs will only worsen as communities face displacement and lack of food, water, shelter and sanitation.

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Seeking refuge

Refugees in Kiir Adem.
More and more refugees and returnees have been crossing over to South Sudan since the outbreak of violence on April 15th. Photo: Joshua Baru / Concern Worldwide.

For those who have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, the majority are crossing into Chad or South Sudan, but other host countries include Ethiopia and Central African Republic.

Concern CEO David Regan said: “The majority of those fleeing are women and children. They are arriving with just the clothes on their backs and whatever they can carry. They urgently need food, water, shelter and sanitation."

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Your donation can help

Our teams in Sudan, Chad and South Sudan are all mobilising to provide urgent support to those fleeing the violence. 

Your donation will help us to provide food, water, sanitation, shelter and vital cash support to those most in need.

“Although the security situation on the ground is very challenging, Concern has worked with communities in Sudan for the last 37 years and we will do everything we can to help avert a humanitarian crisis,” said David Regan.

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Concern’s work in Sudan

Concern has worked in Sudan for 37 years.

Our programmes include health, nutrition, water and sanitation, livelihoods and food security.

We are currently working in West Kordofan and South Kordofan - and also assessing the situation in West Darfur - and our priorities are providing health services, food security and nutrition, water and sanitation, shelter materials and other essential household items.

Emergency appeal

Sudan Emergency Appeal

  • One third of the country already in humanitarian support

  • Tens of thousands already forced to flee

  • Vital food, water, shelter and sanitation needed

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