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Schoolgirl in Kenya holding booksSchoolgirl in Kenya holding books

Give the gift of education

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could provide a kit of essential materials (school bag, pens, pencils, notebooks etc.) for a student in Syria

Education provides one of the best routes out of poverty

Poor literacy and numeracy stifling opportunities

At least 250 million school-age children worldwide currently do not know the basics in reading and mathematics.

  • Poor literacy and numeracy stifling opportunities

  • Families unable to afford school fees

  • Education can provide route out of poverty

  • Provide school supplies like books and uniforms

Concern Worldwide believes that all children have the right to an education.

We integrate our education programmes into both our development and emergency work to give extremely poor children more opportunities in life and support their overall wellbeing.

Ensuring a good education will give children the skills and knowledge to progress into jobs and make their own livelihoods. We work with local government to develop curriculums and throughout all our education programmes, we focus on gender equality so boys and girls can grow up with a shared understanding of their equal roles in society.

Logicalis’ parent company, Datatec Group, have been a partner of Concern Worldwide since 2022, supporting Concern to promote access to and uptake of STEM subjects in Junior Secondary Schools in marginalised communities across Marsabit County, Kenya. Datatec Group are committed to improving lives by supporting children in continuing their education in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Logicalis employees are encouraged to contribute to Concern's education projects in a personal capacity using this platform and to share the appeal with their family and friends. All personal donations made to this education appeal will be matched.

Your donation today can ensure that children can access a quality education. 

Marystella's story

Marystella Barasa
Marystella Barasa lives in Ngando informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Gavin Douglas/Concern Worldwide

Marystella lives in an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, sharing a one-room house with her parents and four siblings. Her father makes wood-burning stoves and her mother launders clothes, but affording school fees for all five children was difficult. Marystella feared that she would have to leave school after primary level to find a job.

But then, Marystella enrolled in Concern’s Let Every Girl Succeed programme. She received a bursary to take her through four years of secondary school education and a school kit, including books, a uniform and stationery. Marystella was enrolled on a school mentorship support programme to help build her confidence, and also received a dignity kit including a supply of period products, to ensure she didn’t have to miss classes.

Now, Marystella has completed her secondary education, and plans to study at university.


I will never give up until I become a nurse or a teacher. I'm determined.

Marystella Barasa

“Concern's programme really helped me to complete my secondary education,” she said. “I’m very happy, I can’t explain my joy. For me, even progressing to secondary school was a dream. I'm now hoping to go to university to start a diploma in teaching or nursing.”

As well as supporting Marystella with her school fees, the Let Every Girl Succeed programme gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams. “I hope I will be successful in reaching my goals because I will never give up until I become a nurse or a teacher. I'm determined. I have goals to achieve and I'm bold. You cannot undermine me. I will change my situation and my family’s circumstances.”

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Concern's work

The main goal of our education programme is to improve the lives of extremely poor children in a sustainable way, by increasing their access to quality primary education and supporting wellbeing. Here we spotlight three of our approaches.

Using EGRA to measure learning outcomes

At least 250 million school-age children worldwide currently do not know the basics in reading and mathematics. This poor level of literacy and numeracy drives school dropout and blocks students from progressing in their education.

In order to accurately assess, improve and monitor literacy levels, Concern is widely using the sector-leading Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) tool among the most vulnerable communities and in emergencies.

Safe Learning Model

Improving Access to Education Through Community and School Management Engagement

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Mother helping her two children with their homework in Bangladesh

Help support children in continuing their education

  • Education provides one of the best routes out of poverty

  • Support families with school fees

  • Provide school supplies to students

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