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A small boy at a whiteboard in schoolA small boy at a whiteboard in school

Syria Education Appeal

Single donation
means 3 displaced children can access education programmes for 6 months of accelerated learning in literacy and numeracy skills, and help them to build social and emotional connections

Education is one of the cornerstones of our childhood - in Syria, this should be no different, but millions of children have been denied the opportunity to get proper schooling due to conflict. 

After more than a decade of war, children in Syria are suffering not only the effects of conflict but also from the denial of that most basic of human rights - an education.

It’s something we take for granted, but for 2.4 million Syrian children – roughly double the number of children living in Ireland – a chance to learn and take part in normal school life is out of reach.

Let’s help make education a reality for Syrian children.

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Your donation can change lives

A lack of access to education means children lose not only the most basic skills and learning, but also the most basic emotional and social experiences; belonging, being part of a community, friendships, comfort, and fun. 

Education provides an escape from the challenges of these children's day-to-day lives. Without education, their prospects for the future are limited. Any disruptions to education can have dire consequences down the road for these innocent young people.

Please donate today to give thousands of children the hope of a bright future.

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Can't Wait To Learn

At Concern, we are also seeking funding for a digital curriculum-based pilot education programme called Can't Wait To Learn.

This programme promotes literacy and numeracy skills by using game-based learning and low-cost digital tablets, preventing children from falling behind and giving them the chance to continue learning even if they are forced to move again, or are in places where there are currently no educational facilities.

This will prevent children from falling behind and giving them the chance to continue learning even if they are forced to move again. If businesses are interested in finding out out more about this pilot programme, please email us on

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