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Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to do more to fight against climate change? Are you interested in finding new ways to live a more sustainable life? If so, 1Planet4All could be the ideal campaign for you!

What is 1Planet4All?

1Planet4All is a campaign across 12 European countries that will inspire a generation of youth activists to lead our fight against the global climate crises. It is an alliance of 14 International NGOs working in some of the most fragile, climate-affected countries. In order to fight the climate crisis, the alliance aims to hold politicians, elected officials and corporations to account on their Paris Climate Agreement pledges.

It will also challenge behaviours and attitudes that fuel the climate crises, such as poor recycling targets and household food wasting.  It will also amplify the voices of the those most affected by extremes in weather in the Global South, who area already living with effects of climate change.

Importantly, 1Planet4All  with promote values of climate justice, solidarity, stewardship, dignity and equality. 

Take a look at our video below to find out more. 

In the next three years, the alliance aims to reach 13,700,000 people through digital and traditional media channels, while also engaging over 8 million youth on climate action issues. It hopes to train 147,940 young leaders in 12 EU member states to become agents of change on climate action and to support 26,380 young people to develop concrete actions on climate change at local, national and International levels.

All of 1Planet4All's work will be evidence-based and will promote activism on both an indviual and collective level. Throughout this time, the alliance will be calmly calling for urgent action on climate change.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in climate activism but don't know where to start, email Concern's Campaign Officer Sinead Morgan, who will be delighted to hear from you.

Irish Citizen Survey

What do young Irish people really think about climate change? In January 2021, we surveyed 1,181 people aged between 18 and 35 on their attitudes to climate change. Check out the video below to see what they said!

ClimAct Programme

This 1Planet4All ClimACT programme is aimed at youth organisations in Ireland. The aim of the programme is to creatively engage learners with the topic of climate justice, and empower them to take climate action.

This programme has been tailored to equip the learners with the skills and tools to tackle climate issues, and the inspiration to empower them to take action. The programme collaborates with a variety of youth activists, design thinking coaches, creative folk, environmental experts, skilled mentors, eco entrepreneurs, and global guest speakers who will share their skills and knowledge during weekly workshops.

The programme has been developed with all learning styles in mind. Fun and creativity is woven through the programme, solutions play centre stage, and ‘you’re never too young to lead, and you’re never too old to learn’ is at the core.

The programme includes;

  • Creative, interactive workshops 
  • Design thinking skills 
  • Daily engaging expert speakers
  • Be Kind. Funded Away Day.
  • Change for Change - financial support to help with projects
  • Competition and prizes

This programme is available in person and online and is adaptable to the needs of the organisation. We are currently planning ClimACT for Autumn/Winter 2022. If you are interested, let us know when is good for you by filling in this quick form here and we can arrange a phone call to discuss the details and answer any questions.

Download our overview of the ClimACT programme

Ireland’s first Climate Justice Charter

The Future Generations Project is delighted to launch Ireland’s first Climate Justice Charter!

Youth organisations have an important role to play in supporting better understanding of climate justice and promoting climate actions based on justice and equity.

Now more than ever, we need to urgently transition to a greener, low carbon society if we are to beat climate change. But existing social justice issues make this transition difficult. Upholding climate justice principles in our response to climate change is the only way to make sure this transition will leave no one behind.

The Climate Justice Charter is a tool that supports youth organisations to contribute to the systemic change needed.

Join the community now!

By signing up here to the charter, your organisation commits to uphold climate justice principles and work alongside others in the Climate Justice Charter community to promote climate justice principles.

1 Toolkit 4 All: A guide to inspiring youth to take climate action

A new resource from 1Planet4All, the Toolkit has six sections exploring different climate change/justice themes. It offers activities/actions, ideas for facilitators to implement in workshops and provides a list of additional resources which facilitators can use to take the learning further or inspire participants to take action.

It is designed for youth workers, teachers, climate activists, development education practitioners or anyone just wanting to learn more about the issues effected by climate change. 

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