Project Us - a movement for change in Ireland. Photo: Concern Worldwide. Project Us - a movement for change in Ireland. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Project Us

A movement for change

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Frustrated by the homelessness crisis? Infuriated by lack of action on climate change? Outraged by images of children caught up in war? Project Us is our movement for change in Ireland. It is a space for communities to gather together to discuss the global and local issues that matter to us.

We explore how issues at local level connect to the UN’s Global Goals, the international pathway towards creating a more equal world by 2030. It is a unique forum for the people of Ireland, to share ideas, raise our voices and connect. And then turn our talk into action!

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Coffee conversations

Project Us coffee conversation events are coming to your city in 2019 – to bring communities together to reflect on the issues that matter to us, and to spark ideas on how we can reach our shared Global Goals.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and don't forget to tell your friends and family! We promise a dynamic evening of dialogue, debate, questions, and ideas. Register your interest with this online form and we'll let you know when the next events are happening. 

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Youth Summit

We visited the 2018 Youth Summit in Dublin to ask the question: How we can we use UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help us work towards a more equal world?

Global Goals, local action

In December 2016, the Irish government joined 192 other countries across the world in signing the Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are a collection of 17 goals that aim to change our world into a fairer, healthier, and happier place for everyone by 2030.

It may sound unachievable or that it’s nothing to do with us, it’s something for the UN and governments to tackle but It’s not! The Global Goals are about the issues that matter to us here in Ireland and in communities across the globe, issues like homelessness, child poverty, climate change, gender inequality, and more. Project Us gives us, the people of Ireland, the chance to gather together (online and off) and have our say on Global Goals at a local level.

The Project Us report

The Project Us report, supported by Irish Aid and co-authored by Concern Worldwide and the University of Limerick, captures the views and recommendations of 1,000 Irish people on issues like climate change, gender equality, poverty and hunger. 

It is hoped the report, which was sent to Taoiseach Micheál Martin, will help kick-start a “decade of action” led by Ireland towards achieving the United Nations’ 17 goals to create a safer and more peaceful world by 2030.

Concern Staff Christina at the Concern Debate Finals. Photo: Ruth Medjber / Concern Worldwide.

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