Apoline Niyosenge with her babyApoline Niyosenge with her baby

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By starting a monthly gift with Concern today, you will help empower communities to build a brighter future.

Act fast, act first for communities in the wake of disaster

Your monthly gift today could help communities rebuild their homes, livelihoods and hope for the future

  • Act fast, act first for communities in the wake of disaster

  • Class by class, empower more children with access to education

  • Empower families to plant the seeds for a brighter future

  • Create a healthy future for generations to come

Together, we can provide life-saving and vital assistance wherever the need is greatest.

Monthly donations from kind supporters like you provide security to our most vulnerable communities and allow us to plan ahead, providing the best support to the people we work with.

This is transformational for families in the wake of disaster, communities building resilient livelihoods, children gaining access to education and the generation with hopes for a healthier future.

None of the life changing work we do would be possible without the committed support of people like you.

Join us today.

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Where your money goes

More than 90 cent of every euro you donate goes directly towards our relief and development work with the world's most vulnerable people.

In 2021, Concern reached approximately 39 million people in 24 of the world’s poorest countries.

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Apoline Niyosenge with her baby

Help build a brighter future

  • Empower communities in vulnerable areas

  • Provide life-saving support

  • Make the world a healthier, safer place

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