Concern Debates: latest news

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Concern Debates: latest news

This year the Concern Debates are an all-island affair with 146 schools taking part.

Adjudicators have remarked on the high level of skill particularly in the refutation and rebuttal in round 3.

The knockout rounds are underway and the most recent information can be found on the Knockout Phase page.

Debates on Twitter

We've got a Concern Debates Twitter account! If you're already on Twitter, you can find us @ConcernDebates. It's a veritable treasure trove of debates-related information. Want to set up your debates team on Twitter? Here's how.

Read our Twitter stream here for the latest news. 

Schools from Northern Ireland

If you are a school in Northern Ireland interested in taking part in the Concern Debates programme 2015-2016, please email for further information.

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