Concern Debates: league phase

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Concern Debates: league phase

Concern Debates 2017 winners from Sacred Heart Clonakilty

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We are now well into the Concern Debates league phase with most schools taking part in their second debate. We hope all teams and mentors are enjoying the competition whilst learning about development issues.

As always, Concern Debates HQ is on hand to answer any of your questions. Just drop us an email [email protected] or at 01 417 7733. Need help with any of the motions? Check out our resources page or the list of research links below.

A letter has gone out to all teachers with their invoice for this year’s debates registration fee and the Code of Conduct. Please ensure that you pay your fee promptly. Failure to pay the registration fee may result in your school being denied entry next year. Code of Conduct must also be signed and returned to the Concern Debates Team.

2017–2018 motions

Motion 1: To end hunger, the world must embrace GMOs

Motion 2: For women to access leadership positions, gender quotas must be implemented

Motion 3: Young people today are indifferent to the problems of the developing world

Motion 4: China is good for Africa

Motion 5:  The world will end the AIDS epidemic by 2030

Research Links

Don’t know where to start researching for your upcoming debate? Download our list of research links for each motion.

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2017-2018 league phase results

Check out how many points your team has amassed in the league table. However, don’t be disheartened as most schools are only completing their second debate now and there is plenty more time to gain points. We will be updating these weekly so don’t panic if some of your results are not featured yet!

Please be aware of how points are awarded:

Unanimous Win: 3-0 – All three (or two) adjudicators agree one team are the clear winner

Majority Win: 2-1- Two adjudicators feel one team was the winner and one adjudicator feels the other team are the winner. If only two adjudicators are present they can also award a 2-1 if they feel it was a close debate

Majority Loss- Zero points

Minority Loss: One point

Draw: 1.5 points per school

Bye: 3 points awarded to a school in situations where their opponents drop out. However the 3 points are not seen as equal to a win. Please read page 11 in the Debates Handbook.

New to the debates?

Are you new to the Concern Debates? Find everything you need to know here.

How does it work?

Teams debate four out of five motions in the League Phase. The motions are provided to participating schools after the registration deadline. Teams receive points (out of 3) for each debate, 3–0 for a unanimous win/loss, 2-1 for a majority win/loss and 1.5–1.5 for a draw. These are added up in the league table and their place in the table is calculated. The top 24 schools then go through to the playoffs or straight to the knockout phase.

Can't make the date?

If there is a problem and you can't make the date you are given for your school debate, please let us know as soon as possible. We try to facilitate date changes where possible, but we need at least two weeks' notice beforehand. You can submit a request for a date change by filling in the form below.

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