Concern Debates: league phase

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Concern Debates: league phase

Concern Debates 2017 winners from Sacred Heart Clonakilty

Latest News: League Phase Table

It’s all go here at Concern Debates HQ. We have over 140 schools across the island of Ireland debating topics from climate change to corporate responsibility! With most schools now having completed two debates, we are happy to publish the league phase table detailing how schools are faring points-wise in the Concern Debates competition.

Please note, point allocations are as follows:

  • Unanimous win: 3-0
  • Majority win: 2-1
  • Majority loss: 1-2
  • Draw: 1.5-1.5
  • Unanimous loss: 0-3

If you can’t find your school on the list or want to query a result, please contact our Debates Team [email protected] who will help you with your questions. Happy Debating!

New to Debating?

Are you new to the Concern Debates? The Concern Debates is divided into stages- League Phase, Playoff, Knockout, Quarter/Semi Final and Final. All schools will be entering the League Phase commencing on

October 8th. Each school will have four debates during the league phase. Two Debates will take place in their school (home debates) and two debates will take place in the opposing schools. For more information, check out our FAQ section here.

Three volunteer adjudicators are recruited by Concern to mark each debate. Debates generally take place at 7 or 8pm.

Want more information about the rules or videos of past Concern Debates? Check out our page here.

How does it work?


Teams debate four out of five motions in the League Phase. The motions are provided to participating schools after the registration deadline. Teams receive points (out of 3) for each debate, 3–0 for a unanimous win/loss, 2-1 for a majority win/loss and 1.5–1.5 for a draw. These are added up in the league table and their place in the table is calculated. The top 24 schools then go through to the playoffs or straight to the knockout phase.


What are the motions for this year?

  1. Individuals serious about combatting climate change, must give up eating meat
  2. Thirty years on, the world is no closer to ending the global HIV and AIDS epidemic
  3. NIKE should be applauded for standing with Colin Kaepernick
  4. The global population ‘time bomb’ is being defused
  5. The United Nations has become irrelevant

*Each school will debate four of these motions.


Please find information about each motion and a set of research links here.

Stay in touch

Follow our twitter account @concerndebates for updates and email the team [email protected]