How Concern is governed

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How Concern is governed

Concern is controlled and regulated by its members.

The members form the general body that has responsibility for the Articles of Association election of the Council, appointment of the auditors and approval of the annual accounts.

As well as its membership, and Council, Concern has a senior management team. We are fully compliant with the Governance Code for Irish charities (pdf).

Good governance

Chairperson of Concern Worldwide Tom Shipsey talks about the role of Concern's council from Bentiu in South Sudan.


The Council of Concern is elected from the membership at each annual general meeting of Concern. The maximum number of Council members is 24. One third of the members must retire from office each year - while remaining eligible for re-election.

Council co-opts members of the organisation when necessary to maintain its full complement of members.

Council meets at least six times a year. It has four standing committees – Finance; Programme Monitoring and Evaluation; Organisational Development; Audit and Risk – as well as an Officers Committee.

Under Concern's governance regulations, Council members may not be paid staff.

Policy making

The Council's primary function is to agree the policy parameters within which Concern will operate, approving budgets and actions based on proposals from management and monitor performance.


The Council is accountable to:

  • The relevant Irish minister for ensuring that the provision of the Companies Act 1963 and the Memorandum and Articles of the Association are adhered to
  • The general public for ensuring funds donated are accounted for and are put to the appropriate use and the welfare and safety of all personnel, with particular responsibility for overseas personnel


Concern’s membership is open to individuals from the public who have demonstrated an interest in the developing world and charity work. To become a member, you need to be proposed and seconded by two other members.

Interested in becoming a member of Concern? Contact


In between meetings, the Officers Committee acts on behalf of Council. This committee is made up of the chairperson, the secretary of the Council and the chairpersons of the other four committees. Three additional members are elected each year from the Council.

Who is on the council?

The Council of Concern is currently made up of the following people:

Ciunas Bunworth, Donal D’Arcy, Jacinta Flanagan, Colin Gordon, Paul Jeffcutt, Michael Kenny, Sally-Anne Kinahan, Cyril Maybury, Teresa McColgan, Tom Moran, Barbara O’Reilly, Nora Owen, David Richie, Jan Rotte, Tom Shipsey (Chairperson), Siobhan Toale (Secretary) and John Treacy.

Council of Concern committees

Strategic Plans

To view our current, or any previous, Strategic Plan click here.