Concern Worldwide's Constitution

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Concern Worldwide's Constitution

There have been significant changes in governance practice over the half a century since Concern Worldwide has been established. Concern has regularly reviewed its arrangements to ensure it is fulfilling its commitment to best practice in its governance and transparency.

Concern’s governing body, the Board of Directors, recently reviewed its governance arrangements in light of evolving practice and the changes required under the Companies Act 2014.

Out of this process, a new governing document has developed which is called the Concern Worldwide Constitution.

This governing document was approved by the Members of Concern Worldwide at the AGM on 28 May 2016.

Your role as a member

As a member of Concern, you are part of the general body that has responsibility for voting upon matters which are ordinarily dealt with at the AGM, for example:

  • the election of the board of Directors
  • the appointment of the auditors
  • the approval of the annual accounts.

Any changes to Concern Worldwide’s Constitution must also be ratified by you.