Irish Aid projects

Irish Aid projects

Projects we are implementing with the support of Irish Aid include the Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition (RAIN) programme in Zambia, our conservation agriculture programme in Zambia and Malawi, and education projects in Liberia. Get an overview of all Irish Aid programmes with our interactive map.  

Education in Liberia

Concern is working to improve education in the poorest areas of Grand Bassa County in Liberia, where more than 80% of children missed out on an education due to a 14-year civil war. Our response includes: school construction, teacher training and water and sanitation.

RAIN programme

One example of the work we’re doing with Irish Aid is the Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition (RAIN) programme. This focuses on preventing malnutrition in children under two years-of-age in Zambia.

Farmer training

Catherine Mweene, aged 25, is a smallholder farmer in Shachimbwanka village in Mumbwa, Zambia. As part of the RAIN project, she’s teaching 16 women farmers in her area about the best ways to grow new crops, and what to eat while pregnant, and what to feed their children. 

She says: 

The women who I teach…are learning to eat lots of different vegetables and all of the beans and cowpeas that they grow. I like that I have this extra knowledge and I am happy that I can teach them. They are giving their children the right food that they are growing themselves and are becoming better at looking after their gardens, which is making them proud.

 Read Catherine’s story (pdf)

Conservation agriculture

Watch a short video on our conservation agriculture programme, funded by Irish Aid and Accenture:

Working together

Here are some more examples of the charity projects made possible by funding from Irish Aid: