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Many of the countries where Concern Worldwide works are highly vulnerable to emergencies as a result of conflicts and natural disasters. They are prone to floods, storms, earthquakes and droughts. It seems likely that climate change will increase the frequency, severity and impact of many of these extreme weather events.

World emergency relief

Concern is committed to saving lives and alleviating suffering. In emergency situations, it is vital that we have the ability to respond quickly and effectively so we can do that. It is also important that we work with vulnerable communities in countries prone to disaster helping them prepare as much as possible to deal with the next one. 

Latest updates

Reducing risk

In countries susceptible to disaster, Concern works to prevent and limit the impact of future crises. We’re doing this by enabling communities to minimise the impact of recurrent disasters, and by establishing early warning systems to alert them when these disasters are imminent.

This allows us to focus not only on saving lives, but also on protecting people’s livelihoods. We don’t just deal with the short-term needs of communities affected by disaster, but we stay there and tackle the long-term needs too.

Our emergency team

Our emergency unit consists of 14 staff with a broad range of expertise. This team is complemented by the rapid deployment unit. This is a group of staff working within the organisation who can be deployed at 24 hours’ notice to respond to sudden emergencies. 

In many countries, our response is largely to support to our national charity partners. In 2012, we responded to 43 emergencies across 20 countries, directly reaching close to three million people.