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What they said

Testimonials from the many friends and supporters of Concern Worldwide across the globe.

Dominic McSorley and Kate Corcoran with the members of the Concern Ethiopia team, presenting President Michael D. Higgins with a traditional coffee set during his visit to the Concern office in Gambella. Photo taken by Fennell Photography.

Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland

I just want to say how proud I am of...Concern and other NGOs that have stepped into the breach… The staff is doing work that I would only describe as heroic.

Seamus Heaney, Poet and Nobel Laureate (1939–2013)

'Who is my neighbour?' Concern teaches us: 'My neighbour is all mankind.' There is heroic virtue in the work it does, [and by] helping Concern we can fulfil some of the great human obligations.

Aengus Finucane and Tom Arnold of Concern with President Mary McAleese celebrating Concern Worldwide’s 40 birthday in 2008.

Mary McAleese, former President of Ireland

To the people at the receiving end of your help, you have been a welcome, even a miraculous friend on the ground as well as a formidable champion in high places where policies and plans are made that impact directly and indirectly on the everyday lives of the poorest.

Mary Robinson with health worker Nadhifa Ibrahim Mohamed on a visit to see Concern’s work in Somalia in 2011. Photo taken by Jennifer Nolan, Concern Worldwide.

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner of Human Rights

It’s remarkable that Concern…[has] been here for 20 years [and has] been doing very good work, at quite a bit of risk for themselves…Concern [has] great trust here in Somalia.

Edward M. Kennedy, US Senator for Massachusetts (1932–2009)

I have been familiar with the work of Concern for many years, and have been extremely impressed by the organisation’s commitment and ability in addressing humanitarian needs across the globe…What makes Concern exceptional, however, is that the organisation’s commitment to humanitarian rights remains in place long after the original crises have faded from news reports.

Bono, lead-singer of U2, speaking at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ annual symposium, Advancing Food and Nutrition, 2012. Photo taken by Jennifer Nolan, Concern Worldwide.]

Bono, U2

It was a trip … to Ethiopia to see what Concern was doing … where I learnt what it takes to really get into the trenches, and understand the people you're trying to serve. I thought that [Concern] served the principle that where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die... [Concern] makes me very proud as an Irishman of what we're doing as a country.

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

I applaud Concern Worldwide’s  efforts to bring senior policy makers and activists together in the fight against hunger.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations

[Concern has] a capacity or ability to identify those humanitarian needs, not necessarily something that is in the press, something that is sexy.

John Hume, Nobel Laureate

Concern’s body of humanitarian work describes a unique and seamless continuum, from life-saving emergency response to life-building development work. Whether it is food distribution, building of houses, reuniting separated children, or feeding prisoners, Concern has one overriding goal: to address basic needs, and to restore to marginalised populations their fundamental human rights.

Toni Collette, Emmy, Golden Globe Winner and Concern Global Ambassador

To be [in Haiti], to go into these places where people have literally nothing and then watch how Concern transforms those lives completely – gives people hope and a sense of empowerment – is completely moving and so important. I'm so happy that I've been here to witness it. I feel very lucky.

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate

The pictures that we saw and the stories that we heard show that you are there where you are needed…We cannot guarantee success, but we must guarantee effort, and the effort is yours.

Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator, USAID, speaking at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ annual symposium, Advancing Food and Nutrition, 2012. Photo taken by Jennifer Nolan, Concern Worldwide.]

Rajiv Shah, former Administrator, USAID

With the commitment and competence to work at the local and community levels in resource-poor and high-mortality settings, organisations like Concern Worldwide have a significant role to play in our global partnership to end preventable child death.

Dr Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Earth Institute, Columbia University

Concern not only does heroic deeds on the ground all over the poorest parts of the world, but it also is an innovator, and an important voice, and a leader.

Rob Kearney, Ireland and Leinster Rugby player

Father and son, Ebrie and Mohammed Ali Demsie, show the fruits of their labour to Rob Kearney on a trip to Dessie Zuria, Ethiopia with Concern. Photo taken by Jennifer Nolan, Concern Worldwide.

I think everyone should take a few moments every day to remove themselves from the world that they live in – the lucky world they live in – I can assure them that there are millions of people across the world in worse places. I’ve seen first-hand how donations to Concern are genuinely put to work and they do make a difference.

Iman, Model

I salute Concern Worldwide as a hands-on humanitarian organisation. When I visited my home country Somalia in 1992, it was in the throes of a severe famine. There I met Concern volunteers, working in the midst of suffering people, with a commitment to caring where help is most needed.

Pete Hamill, Award-Winning Journalist and Author

Somewhere in the world tonight, human beings are starving, or great storms have turned green fields to dust. In such places, brave and decent men and women are working hard to comfort the afflicted. Many are there with the help of Concern. We, who live in the safe places of the world, must honour their courage in every way possible.

Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author (1930-2009)

There’s no reason any child should have to face a lifetime of poverty. For over 32 years, Concern has worked to give children a chance, an education, a future. They have built schools, trained teachers, and educated thousands of children around the world. If we don’t help the world’s poorest children, who will? Be assured, whatever you give to Concern to support vulnerable children will be used efficiently and effectively. Please join me and show your concern.

Peter Quinn, Award-Winning Writer

Concern shows us how, together, we have the ability—and the responsibility—to empower the poor. Concern gives us the chance to change the future, not merely submit to it.

Katherine Sierra, The World Bank

I am pleased that our own sense of urgency is shared by organisations like Concern Worldwide, which are seeking innovative solutions to the food crisis through leadership in the Hunger Alliance and through the Irish Hunger Task Force.

Mary Higgins Clark, Author

 Concern Worldwide is a loving guardian to countless children day in and day out, year in and year out.