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Concern Worldwide has been helping people to come together and solve problems in their local communities.

Below is a press release outlining three urgent priorities in addressing the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Concern Worldwide’s CEO Tom Arnold says situation first-hand is “truly shocking” and “heartbreaking” as UN declaration of famine in parts of Somalia shows severity of East Africa drought crisis. 

Evaluation of Concern Worldwide's Kenya's Kerio Valley cash transfer pilot (KVCTP) April – June 2008 by Mike Brewin, Development Consultant. 

Read the evaluation report of Concern Worldwide's post-election violence recovery (PEVR) programme in Kenya by Ian MacAuslan, Oxford Policy Management. Concern’s (PEVR) programme was a cash transfer programme operating in Kenya following the violence after the election in late 2007. 

This document outlines key facts and statistics about Kenya.