Payroll charity giving

Payroll charity giving

It is simple and effective to give as you earn – donate to Concern from your salary.

Payroll charity giving picture courtesy of stock xchnge Payroll giving is an easy way for staff to contribute to Concern on a regular basis through payroll deductions. This method of giving reduces administration overheads for Concern, benefiting those who need our help most.

Companies across Ireland

By donating a fixed amount from your monthly salary - in addition to donations from your colleagues using this scheme - you can make a big difference to the communities where we work. This also gives Concern the ability for longer term planning in its overseas programmes, by knowing how much money will come in every month.

Employees of 30 companies in Ireland are currently supporting a variety of Concern projects through payroll giving.

The right people

Providing payroll giving shows that your company cares about its staff. By offering this, companies can help build better employee relations and attract the right people.

If your employer does not already have a payroll giving scheme in place, don’t worry – it’s quick and easy to set up. All modern payroll systems can handle payroll giving.

Donations and tax

If you choose to donate more than €250 a year (or €21 a month) through your payroll, your donations can have a double impact. Concern can claim the tax back on your donations simply by asking you to complete a form. Click here for more information.

Contact us

If you wish to find out more about payroll giving or other staff donation initiatives, please contact Jennifer Hoey at [email protected] or call on +353 1 417 7756.

>> Download the form to send to your payroll department