Global Goals Business Conversations

Global Goals Business Conversations

Concern is working with Irish Aid to bring Global Goals Business Conversations to the private sector across Ireland.

The business community in this country has a massive role to play in terms of fighting poverty and climate change, and we are looking to engage with corporate leaders across the island to drive positive change both within and beyond the workplace.

The Global Goals, also known as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a list of goals set by the United Nations in 2015 with a view to tackling poverty and inequality, while protecting our planet from climate change, within 15 years.

The aim of the Global Goals Business Conversations is to look at how business can contribute to Ireland achieving those SDGs, as well as exploring the supports and/or policies that businesses would like to see implemented by the Irish Government to help them do that.

The Global Goals are all about partnership.

Round table discussions

With this in mind, Concern is seeking to join up with industry groups who are interested in giving their members the opportunity to contribute to Ireland’s sustainability, while creating their own action plans in terms of reaching the SDGs.

This will take the form of round table discussions and/or workshops, which we can facilitate nationwide across a variety of business sectors and business sizes, in a private setting under Chatham House rules.

Concern's Global Goals Cafés have been a huge success in the community sector. Photo: Concern Worldwide.
Concern's Global Goals Cafés have been a huge success in the community sector. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Depending on the group and level of engagement with the goals, the ‘conversations’ may be delivered in two different formats:

  1. Round table deep conversations focused on current actions, future plans, the barriers that exist and how governments can support business to achieve their targets.

  2. Facilitated workshops that provide an overview of the goals, explore which goals are most relevant to the businesses participating, potential actions they might take, and barriers to these.


The focus of these workshops will be on the 17 SDGs and will be relevant across every business sector, with sector-specific or goal-specific workshops available if there is an interest in either of these.

University of Limerick report

Global Goals Business Conversations are aimed at high-level decision makers within companies, with four significant aims; building knowledge/awareness of the goals, deciding which goals take priority within a given business, figuring out the actions that need to be taken to achieve those goals, and forming an action plan to get things moving.

The contribution of these businesses will form part of a University of Limerick report to government at the end of the project, which is similar to a parallel Concern project around the 17 SDGs with the community sector called Project Us.

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If you're involved in the corporate sector and would like to become part of the conversation around the Sustainable Development Goals, please get in touch with us using the link below.

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