Concern and Irish Aid

Irish Aid is Ireland's overseas development programme, as funded by the Irish taxpayer. Concern has a proud and successful history of working with the Irish government towards our shared aim of tackling extreme poverty. So far, we have significantly improved the lives of over one million people. 

Current partnership

In 2017, we received a five-year development grant from Irish Aid. The grant funds emergency and development programmes in 17 countries inducing: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, BurundiCentral African RepublicChad, Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaDemocratic Republic of CongoEthiopiaHaitiLiberia, Malawi, NigerRwandaSierra LeoneSomaliaSouth SudanSudan and two separate programmes in Ireland - Active Citizenship and Public Engagement.

Over its five years duration, this grant aims to support the world’s poorest people by tackling the root causes of poverty such as inequality and vulnerability. The programmes will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure we are adapting and improving as necessary.

Beneficiaries carrying Kitchen Set donated by Irish Aid to Somalis affected by drought and displacement. Photo: Mohamed Abdiwahab/ Concern Worldwide.
Beneficiaries carrying kitchen set donated by Irish Aid to Somalis. Photo: Mohamed Abdiwahab/ Concern Worldwide.
Students attending class in Masaka School which is funded by Irish Aid. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide.
Students attending class in Masaka School, Democratic Republic of Congo, which is funded by Irish Aid.

Successful history

We previously received a separate five-year development grant from Irish Aid. In 2012, we received almost €100 million which funded the implementation of 29 programmes that improved the lives of 1.3 million people in 19 countries.

The grant was deemed highly successful and an independent evaluation indicated that we made a significant impact in the areas of health and nutrition, access to food and education, and strengthening national health institutions and policies. Our interactive map illustrates a country-by-country breakdown of the grant.

Evidence and improvements

The scale and duration of the Irish Aid development funding allows us to gather evidence about our most effective projects. We can then share this information with governments and other organisations, helping them to improve the way they work.

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Mother of 2, Belita Andrade (22) brings her Concern Emergency Supplies box home with her neighbours. Photo: Gavin Douglas/ Concern Worldwide.

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