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Emergency Response Meta Evaluation 2009 to 2012

Last updated:
29 October 2014
Concern Worldwide

This report is a review of Concern's Humanitarian Action and Emergency Response Meta Evaluation, 2009–2012 and is a follow-up to the review covering 2005–2008.

Between 2009 and 2012, Concern conducted or commissioned 40 evaluations of its emergency programmes in 14 countries. This is in keeping with the organisational commitment to high standards in projects, programmes, policies and practices, and an acknowledgment of the primacy and usefulness of evaluations. A further nine evaluations were undertaken by consortia (DEC, CBHA and COSACA), DFID and the Alliance2015, which featured aspects of Concern’s emergency responses. Concern is also part of the international humanitarian aid system and a further nine external evaluations covering large scale emergencies in Haiti, Pakistan and Bangladesh have also been included in this meta-analysis for scrutiny as to the prevailing state of the humanitarian aid community during the period under review.

The current meta evaluation provides an analysis of emergency response evaluations that took place within Concern’s countries of operations between 2009 and 2012

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