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Knowledge Matters – Twenty Years of Child Survival Programs

Last updated:
23 December 2019
Megan Christensen

Welcome to the latest edition of Knowledge Matters, published in December 2019, which gives an overview of Concern's work and learning during twenty years of USAID-funded Child Survival programs from 1998 - 2018.

Nasibo Asuran and her children in Marsabit, Kenya. Photo: Peter Caton / Concern Worldwide.
Nasibo Asuran and her children in Marsabit, Kenya. Nasibo said 'I am happy I have a healthy child. I took her to the clinic and she has had all her vaccinations. I have been breastfeeding her and am now giving her food. The Community Health Volunteer visits us to check that everything is OK.' Photo: Peter Caton / Concern Worldwide.

In this issue, we discuss the work and learning from twenty years of Child Survival programs, including examples from Bangladesh, Burundi, Haiti, Kenya, Niger, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

The issue first explains the program design and the use of results-based management in the Child Survival programs. Next, we discuss how we arranged Human Resources for the health programs, including a focus on the Child Survival Programs' experience with Frontline Health Workers. The Social Behavior Change Communication and Operations Research aspects of the programs were also discussed. The issue of sustainability of the programs, lessons learned and recommendations for the way forward conclude the articles in this issue.


This publication covers aid activities implemented with the financial assistance of several donors, including Irish Aid, UK Aid, The European Union and USAID. The ideas, opinions and comments herein are entirely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent or reflect the policies of any donors.

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