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Janet Bosko Jasad smiles as she holds up bars of soap and Covid-19 fliers she received from ConcernJanet Bosko Jasad smiles as she holds up bars of soap and Covid-19 fliers she received from ConcernJanet Bosko Jasad smiles as she holds up bars of soap and Covid-19 fliers she received from Concern

Delivering help and hope during our toughest year yet

Delivering help and hope during our toughest year yet
Story26 July 2021Ailbhe Jordan

During one of the most difficult years the world has ever faced, Concern supporters showed their compassion and solidarity more than ever. 

The year 2020 brought unprecedent challenges as crisis after crisis shook the world. A tragic blast in the heart of Beirut shattered the homes and lives of over 300,000 families, while the conflict in Syria entered its eleventh violent year.

Meanwhile, climate change worsened the effects of natural disasters on many of the countries Concern works in, decimating livelihoods and hitting those who have done least to cause it hardest.

COVID-19 and the world's most vulnerable

Last year also brought with it the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, which has transformed how we all live our lives.

The pandemic has devastated vulnerable communities around the world, making already difficult living conditions even worse for millions of people.

However, with your support over the past 12 months, our teams have worked to help empower individuals in these communities to tackle the obstacles posed by COVID-19 head on.

Juanita Kamwana and her daughter Jessie hold soap and Covid-19 fliers.
Juanita Kamwana and her daughter Jessie with soap and Covid-19 fliers. Photo: Concern Worldwide
A male and female wearing concern branded jackets take boxes of soap out of the back of a car to give to a female volunteer standing beside them
Concern's Socrates Luhanga and Judith Cent give soap to local volunteers. Photo: Concern Worldwide
Ethel Nkhoma washes her hands above a bucket of water while her son Chisomo sits beside her.
Ethel Nkhoma sets a good hand washing example for her son Chisomo. Photo: Concern Worldwide

Empowering Malawi to combat COVID-19

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world’s poorest countries, which were already struggling with the impacts of malnutrition, conflict and climate change.

One such country is Malawi, where more than half the population live below the poverty line. Around one million people in the southeastern African nation are living with HIV, which increases their vulnerability to illness.

However, your support has made a positive impact, helping us to respond proactively to the crisis from day one.

The team has been on the ground providing hygiene supplies like soap and detergent for families living in extreme poverty, as well as PPE for our volunteers so they could keep working in their local communities.

This, along with the installation of handwashing stations, has been vital to saving lives by stopping the spread of COVID-19.

From education to vaccination

As the situation has evolved, so too has the team’s response with a shift in focus towards vaccine rollout.

The team is carrying out vital work to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination to the public, while also briefing healthcare workers on how to administer the vaccines.

Between our hygiene work, raising COVID-19 awareness and our current focus on vaccination, we are ensuring that no one gets left behind as the world recovers from the pandemic.

Thank you for your support

While it has been a year of huge loss as the pandemic kept so many of us apart from our loved ones, 2020 also reinforced the importance of community and togetherness.

We are so thankful to supporters like you for showing this sense of unity and solidarity more than ever. You are the reason our work can happen.

Thank you, as always, for helping to make the world a better place for everyone.

Other ways your generosity is helping

Read our latest newsletter below to find out more about the life-changing impact your kindness and compassion had in 2020.

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