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Four years of conflict in Syria

Over seven million have been displaced
Over seven million Syrian people have been displaced. Photo: Concern Worldwide.
News10 March 2015Deborah Underdown

Since the first protests erupted in the city of Deraa in March 2011, devastation has swept across Syria. More than 220,000 people have died.

Over seven million have been displaced inside the country and almost four million people have fled to neighbouring countries, including Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.


As the conflict enters its fifth year, the situation in Syria deteriorates on a daily basis.

There are shortages of basic necessities like food, water and medical care.

In some areas people only have access to one or two litres of water a day and there are reports of an increase in malnutrition due to a lack of food.

Meeting needs

Most of those who have escaped Syria are living in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey but these countries are overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the pressure.

Concern Worldwide is working hard to meet the needs of the Syrian people - both those still in the country and those who have fled.

Support in Syria

A Syrian refugee camp near the Turkish border, September 2013. Photo taken by Giovanni Diffidenti for Concern Worldwide.
A Syrian refugee camp near the Turkish border, September 2013. Photo: Giovanni Diffidenti / Concern Worldwide.

Inside Syria we continue to provide access to clean water for 130,000 people by rehabilitating existing water networks.

We have also provided 23,700 people with hygiene kits containing soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, nail clippers, hair combs, personal hygiene items and nappies.

The kits are intended to support a family of six people for approximately one month. 

We have also been providing food and supplies to help people cope with the cold weather that spread across the region.

Syrian refugees

In neighbouring Lebanon and Turkey we are making sure refugees have shelter, as well as access to safe, clean water.

Around 80% of school aged Syrian refugees are not in school, so we are also providing education to refugee children in Turkey and Lebanon.

The longer the conflict continues, the higher the risk that children will miss out on their right to an education.

Easing tension

Finally, we are implementing programmes to reduce tensions between the Lebanese host population and Syrian refugees.

As Lebanon continues to see rising numbers of refugees enter the country various tensions are brewing between the two communities.

For example issues such as increased prices of rent due to the additional demand, reduced quantity of available resources, such as water, and differences in culture are some of the areas that have been identified.

Concern has been working to bring the two communities together through programmes like our Youth Leadership Clubs where Syrian and Lebanese children are brought together through sports and activities. 

Hani (name changed) writing on blackboard in school

Syria Education Appeal

  • Millions of children being denied a proper education

  • Roughly double the number of Irish children can't go to school

  • 40% of Syria's school infrastructure destroyed due to conflict

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