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Concern assists people left homeless by Ukraine dam collapse

Press release9 June 2023
Food and hygiene items being loaded in Poltava, Ukraine, for distribution to those left homeless by the recent dam collapse.
Food and hygiene items being loaded in Poltava, Ukraine, for distribution to those left homeless by the recent dam collapse. Photo: Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is preparing to distribute food and essential supplies to people left homeless by flooding as a result of the Nova Kahlovha dam collapse in Ukraine this week.

Thousands of people have fled their homes to escape flood waters which have reached roof top levels in parts of Kherson.  As member of a joint alliance with non-government organisations from Germany and Italy, Concern has pre-positioned 9,000 food and hygiene kits (including items such as soap, underwear and sanitary pads) which are ready to be distributed to displaced people. The team is also preparing to distribute cash to those impacted.

“We are focusing our immediate response in the Khmelnytski and Dnipro regions, as  these locations are part of the planned evacuation routes and we have existing capacity to respond quickly to the needs,” Concern’s Programme Director in Ukraine, Erica Niel, said.

“We are also planning to work closely with a national  partner to support hot meal distributions to those who have decided to stay in Kherson, as they are on higher ground, or they may be elderly or have mobility issues.  But, with certain areas in Kherson losing electricity, an increase in humanitarian needs and continued evacuations over the coming days seem likely.”

Water contamination

Contamination of the water supply is a major concern throughout the region. In addition to those directly affected by flooding, falling water levels in the reservoir will also have major impacts on water supplies in other urban centres. Clean water supplies and water purification stations will be urgently needed in the coming days.

Concern is responding as part of the Joint Emergency Response in Ukraine (JERU), a joint approach to humanitarian response which also includes Welthungerhilfe from Germany and Italian organisation Cesvi.  All three are members of Alliance2015 group of leading European humanitarian organisations.   Since 2022 they have worked in Ukraine, assisting conflict affected people.

The support JERU has provided to date includes cash assistance to cover basic needs such as clothing and utilities during the winter, hygiene and shelter items and psychosocial support.  The assistance is provided through local authorities and national partners.

For media queries contact Eamon Timmins, Media Relations Manager, Concern Worldwide, at or 087 9880524


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