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Concern welcomes Syria cross-border resolution

Press release12 July 2022
Meeting chambers of the United Nations Security Council
A wide view of the Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East (Syria). On the screen is Geir Pedersen, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria. (Image: UN Photo/Manuel Elías)

The United Nations Security Council today adopted a resolution to renew authorisation for six months of cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid from Türkiye(Turkey) into northwest Syria. The adoption came amid fears that the Security Council would prove unable to reach agreement on the resolution for the first time since it was first introduced in 2014. 

Humanitarian organisations, including local, national, and international NGOs, the UN, and others, rely on cross-border access to reach people who need humanitarian support with lifesaving supplies of food, medicines, and other essential items. 

“I welcome the renewal of the cross-border mechanism for the coming six months,” said Concern Worldwide CEO, Dominic MacSorley. “Millions of people in northwestern Syria rely on humanitarian aid that reaches the area through the Bab Al-Hawa crossing.”

“Although this is good news, we are alarmed that Security Council members were unable to reach a consensus before the resolution expired,” MacSorley said. “Humanitarian needs in Syria are at an all-time high. Reaching those in need in the quickest and most effective way possible is a humanitarian imperative that cannot be hindered by politics.”  

Concern Worldwide joined 28 international and Syrian NGOs and four Irish-based NGOs to call for the renewal of the critical aid delivery mechanism. Of 4.4 million people living in northwestern Syria, 4.1 million require humanitarian support. An average of 800 UN trucks passes through the crossing every day. 

“The Security Council should also revert to the practice of renewing the mechanism for at least 12 months to make the humanitarian response more predictable and efficient, while redoubling their efforts to find a long-term, sustainable solution to the conflict. In the meantime, donors must also give additional and early funding to ease the suffering of millions of Syrian people.” 

We commend the efforts of Ireland and Norway as penholders on this resolution, including the commitment of Ministers Coveney of Ireland and Huitfeldt of Norway. Their work was critical to securing this result on behalf of the Syrian civilian population who depend on humanitarian assistance as their only lifeline.

For more information contact Eilis Staunton, media relations officer with Concern at or 085 872 0720

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