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Working with the world's poorest people to transform their lives

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Our charity work in Burundi

Concern Worldwide has been working in Burundi since 1997. Initially, our work involved providing emergency aid, but now centres around more long-term issues.

Our work primarily focuses on improving education and healthcare while enhancing livelihoods and educating people about HIV and AIDS. We also focus on disaster risk reduction.

Latest updates

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One-in-five children in Burundi die before their fifth birthday from diseases like malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition. Concern is teaching communities how to fight these preventable diseases. 

Greater access to education

One of our key areas of work in Burundi is education. Our aim is to improve access to quality education in primary schools with a special emphasis on supporting extremely poor and marginalised children, as well as those affected by HIV and AIDS. We are also working with a local charity in Burundi to help orphans affected by HIV and AIDS

Our most recent education programme focused on:

  • Supporting the Burundian Ministry of Education in curriculum development
  • Supporting the Ministry of Education in rolling out new policy on school management committees
  • Strengthening the ability of school management committees to carry out their roles effectively, which includes encouraging out-of-school children to go back to school
  • Providing teaching materials to teachers and supporting marginalised children with school uniforms and learning materials
  • Constructing and rehabilitating schools

The video below shows one of the schools Concern has been helping in Burundi.

Increasing child survival

Our current five-year health programme is jointly funded by the American government (USAID), Irish Aid and Concern funds. The programme primarily targets mothers with children under five years of age. It aims to reduce instances of malaria especially in pregnant women and small children. Its overall goal is to sustainably reduce infant and child mortality.

Given that a third of children in the developing world suffer from chronic malnutrition, it is a major cause for concern that 46% of Burundian children are condemned to chronic malnutrition or stunted growth. One of our livelihoods projects focuses on helping 450 families whose children are suffering from malnutrition.

Improving lives

We are working to reduce poverty and malnutrition in vulnerable households in Burundi. We are doing this by improving living conditions, educating people on agriculture and basic farming principles, and helping poor people sustain a living. This will better enable people to fight off malnutrition.

>> Take a look at the three-year agriculture programme currently in progress in Burundi

Bringing new ideas

We are constantly improving our programmes in Burundi by sharing what we have learned and exchanging new ideas. For example, to help Burundi’s Batwa people capitalise on their tradition of pottery-making, Concern identified five prototypes of energy-saving stoves and trained people in how to make them. 

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Your donation will help some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.