Our charity work in Liberia

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Our charity work in Liberia

Concern Worldwide has been working in Liberia since 1996, alternating between development work and providing emergency aid. We are currently shifting our focus towards a longer-term, community-based approach to our work.

Ebola virus in Liberia

The current Ebola epidemic in west Africa is the largest outbreak of the virus since it was first discovered in 1976. The deadliness of the disease, with a fatality rate of up to 90%, has caused fear and loss across the region. More than 4,057 Liberians have lost their lives to the disease. The 23 March 2015 marks one year since Ebola first came to Liberia

Hopes to declare Liberia ‘Ebola free’ were dashed on 20 March 2015, with the confirmation of a new case in the capital city of Monrovia, following a period of 28 days with no newly confirmed cases. Our team in Liberia is committed to the emergency response and continues to work towards the eradication of the disease. 

Liberia's recent history

In November 2005, the Liberian people elected the first female president for Liberia and for Africa, and with that came a sense of optimism. The democratically elected government has the daunting task of helping the country recover after 14 years of civil war. This is a great opportunity for Concern to make a sustainable impact tackling the widespread poverty and helping Liberian people create a more stable society.

Our charity work in Liberia focuses primarily on responding to the livelihood, health, and education needs of vulnerable communities in the four counties where we work: Monserrado, Grand Bassa, Lofa and Bong County.

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Concern is working to improve education in the poorest areas of Grand Bassa County in Liberia, where more than 80% of children missed out on an education due to a 14-year civil war. Our response includes: school construction, teacher training and water and sanitation.

Training farmers

A major part of our livelihoods work in Liberia has been establishing centres where we train farmers about better agricultural practices and skills. This helps them produce better crops and improve their income.

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Building communities

We also focus on ensuring that communities have adequate access to food, schools and markets. This includes building schools, bridges and roads to make these accessible. We’re also providing water and sanitation facilities for communities living in slums. This work is supported by health and hygiene promotion activities. 

Making education accessible

Concern is targeting 4,500 people in 18 communities through its education programme. Our education programme in Grand Bassa County involves improving the quality of teacher training and developing a relevant curriculum. Above all though, we aim to make primary education accessible to all, especially girls.

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HIV and AIDS: engaged learning

Our HIV and AIDS programme focuses on raising awareness, prevention, testing and treatment, home-based care, social support, reducing stigma and educating through interactive initiatives.

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