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Working with the world's poorest people to transform their lives

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Our charity work in Haiti

Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti on 23 October. As quickly as possible, Concern Worldwide’s teams were out collecting information and assessing the damage. We are now working hard to help the people affected. Read more

Latest updates

Featured video

In this video, Jocelyn and her family, who are among those displaced by the earthquake in Haiti, describe their difficult circumstances. As a part of its emergency response, Concern installed a number of water points in Port-au-Prince to provide a clean, safe supply of water.

Since 1994

Concern has been working in Haiti since 1994, focusing on improving the health of those in need, preventing violence in the slums and fighting HIV and AIDS. 

Helping children

Concern is creating areas for 2,000 children so they can play in safety. Now, as many families are living in camps, these spaces help children get over the trauma they experienced by allowing them to play with other children. Child friendly spaces are also a stepping stone back to formal education. 

Past four years

Haiti’s multiple vulnerabilities hit home in 2008. Food riots in April followed by months of political instability, topped off with four hurricanes in the space of three weeks in August/September 2008. The National Food Security commission reported 206,607 people at risk of serious food insecurity.

Concern provided post-hurricane relief to 1,269 families and helped more than 8,000 others restore their ability to produce food with cash-for-work opportunities. We continue to distribute seeds, tools and livestock to affected communities.


Your donation will help some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.