Our work in Haiti

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Our work in Haiti

Concern Worldwide has worked in Haiti since 1994. We have long-term programmes in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), education and livelihoods. We respond to emergencies as they arise.  Our major emergency responses include the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Poverty and disaster

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. It is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, flooding and droughts. Political instability and gang violence are prevalent. Chronic lack of food, inadequate access to education and safe water and gender based violence are major issues for many Haitians. 

Earthquake recovery

12 January 2015 marks the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake which killed over 300,000 people in Haiti. One and a half million were left homeless and 8,655 people died from a cholera outbreak which began at the end of 2010. Concern responded by distributing emergency shelter kits, supplying clean water and opening 11 cholera treatment centres. We also provided nutritional, livelihood and educational support.

Since 2010, Haiti has been gradually rebuilding itself and the numbers of displaced people in camps has now been reduced to about 69,000.

Latest updates

Rehousing families

Over the last few years we’ve been applying an innovative “rental subsidy, cash grant” approach to rehousing people displaced by the earthquake. So far, Concern has helped to rehouse over 8,233 families and our current “Return to Neighbourhoods” programme.

Protection programme

Our protection programme helps thousands of people faced with forced eviction from camps and supports women who have experienced gender-based violence. We have also helped 2,600 people to obtain birth certificates lost after the earthquake.

Water and hygiene

Concern drills boreholes, rehabilitates wells and rainwater-harvesting cisterns and helps communities set up committees to manage their water. We also train people on good hygiene to prevent diseases like cholera and diarrhea.

Livelihoods and resilience

We provide equipment, training and advice to farming communities to help them improve their incomes. For the most marginalised groups, we have a special programme called “Pathway to a Better Life.” It provides cash transfers, training and mentoring over an 18 month period to help people “graduate” from extreme poverty.

Enabling tourism

We are helping promote sustainable development through the promotion of community tourism in the Saut d’Eau region.

Promoting literacy

Concern’s education programme focusses on improving literacy in primary schools through instruction in the Haitian mother-tongue, Créole. We provide intensive support and training to teachers in 30 schools. We also work with parents and communities to encourage and monitor children’s learning.


Our urban regeneration project is working with 20,000 people in Grand Ravine, Port-au-Prince. A twenty-year urban plan has been developed for the area in collaboration with the community.  We are working with our partners to rehabilitate the water system, install street lighting and other facilities. We are also training young people so they have a better chance of getting jobs.

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