Omar and Fatima's (names changed) seven children in their informal settlement Omar and Fatima's (names changed) seven children in their informal settlement

Please help children survive the cold this Christmas

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could provide a Winter Survival Kit with thermal blankets, a sleeping mat and mattresses for two Syrian families

This Christmas, children in Lebanon are fighting to survive freezing winter temperatures.

1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Lebanon has the highest proportion of refugees in the world

  • 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon

  • Freezing temperatures with inadequate shelter

  • Children at risk of pneumonia

  • Thousands of Lebanese people fleeing conflict

Humanitarian needs are mounting in Lebanon as a brutal winter approaches.

Since 8th October, armed confrontation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has resulted in almost 29,000 Lebanese people fleeing their homes. 

They join 1.5 million Syrian refugees, who are already displaced having escaped ongoing conflict. As bombs destroyed their homes and the lives they knew in Syria, families fled with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

But now, those who escaped ongoing conflict now face another threat - plummeting temperatures paired with inadequate shelter.

Their tents are not strong enough to withstand the winter rains and freezing cold, putting children at risk of pneumonia and hypothermia. 

Mothers and fathers doing everything they can to protect their children - but they need your support.

Fatima and Omar

Fatima, Omar, Lama and two of their children
Fatima, Omar and their family live in an informal settlement of tents not strong enough to withstand the winter. Photo: Gavin Douglas/Concern Worldwide

Fatima*, Omar* and their children have been in Lebanon for a year, since fleeing the conflict in Syria. Omar said: “We left Syria to come to Lebanon because our house was damaged by the war, there is no house anymore. There was shooting and we has to escape from our city quite suddenly. We didn’t bring anything, only our clothes.”

Fatima added: “Before the war we had a calm life. I was scared that my children would get hurt. I would love to go back to my house, back to my city, but the children were very scared from the war and the planes.” 

Now, their family are living in tents in a waterlogged camp, and fear the instability and danger the cold winter months will bring.

*Names have been changed to protect identities

How your support can help

Barefoot child standing in the mud
Children often walk around bare foot to save the one pair of sandals they own. Photo: Gavin Douglas/Concern Worldwide

This Christmas, your donation can ensure that parents can protect their children against the bitter cold in Lebanon.

Concern is providing families with Winter Survival Kits, containing mattresses, sleeping mats and thermal blankets. These supplies will allow parents to keep their children warm and dry during winter storms.

We need your help to provide life-saving winter support to families in Lebanon this Christmas.

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Fatima cooking vegetables in small room

Lebanon Christmas Survival Appeal

  • Children at risk of pneumonia and hypothermia

  • Provide kits to help families survive the brutal winter

  • Bring hope to Syrian and Lebanese families who have fled conflict

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