Nothing Kills like HungerNothing Kills like Hunger

Nothing Kills Like Hunger

Giving €54

can provide a full course of urgent therapeutic food for a displaced, malnourished child in South Sudan

Giving €84

can provide a Syrian family of 5 in Lebanon with a month's worth of life-saving food supplies

Giving €129

can provide a displaced Afghan family with a cash transfer to buy a month’s worth of essential food

Giving €9 monthly

can pay for a week's supply of emergency food every month for a displaced child in South Sudan

Giving €21 monthly

can provide a Syrian family of 5 in Lebanon with a week’s worth of life-saving food every month

Giving €34 monthly

can ensure a displaced family in Afghanistan receives money each month to buy 2 week's essential food

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If you donate €250 or more in any one year (that's €21 a month), Concern can claim an additional 45% in tax back

Across the globe, children’s lives are being turned upside down by conflict. For too many, this peril is increased by the deadly threat of hunger.

Today, children are more likely to die of hunger and related diseases than conflict itself.

All around the world, people are being forced by conflict to flee their homes and livelihoods. Displaced, they find themselves with no means of growing or buying food, and facing their biggest threat yet – hunger.

The scale of this problem is huge: over 500 million people are facing hunger in conflict zones across the world today.

With your help, we can provide emergency food assistance to those who need it most.

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Fleeing conflict in Afghanistan - one family's story

Jamal* (30), wife Shakira* (30) and five children had to flee their home, leaving most of their belongings behind. Photo: Stefanie Glinski / Concern Worldwide *name changed to protect the identity of individuals
“Nothing prepared us for the day our village was attacked. It was a sudden escape. We…grabbed a few items and ran. Rockets and gunshots destroyed our village.”

*Names have been changed for safety and security reasons

More families need your help.

Concern is working to combat hunger by providing life-saving food and support to families in conflict zones across the world. And we couldn’t do this without your support.

Together, we can help to ensure that nobody has to die this way. Because nothing kills like hunger.

A Rohingya refugee child in a refugee camp.
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In 2021, hunger is an unacceptable and unfair way for anyone to die. Our teams are working to support those most at risk, but we need your help.
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Nothing Kills Like Hunger appeal

Help families facing their biggest threat yet: hunger.

  • Today, more than 800 million people in the world are battling hunger

  • 60% of the world’s hungry people live in conflict zones

  • We can’t un-detonate a bomb but your donation will help provide life-saving food.

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