Concern and KPMG

Concern and KPMG

Concern Worldwide has joined forces with KPMG to help the world’s poorest people transform their lives.

Disaster relief

As part of this partnership, Concern is eligible to apply for charity funds raised by KPMG. They have 145,000 staff worldwide in 153 countries and in the past few years these employees have raised over €16 million for disaster relief. 

Funds accessed through this collaboration will greatly support our emergency and humanitarian work.

A better life

KPMG also supports an on-going Women of Concern project in Haiti called “Pathway to a Better Life.” They have committed to funding this project for three years.  

It offers women in remote, rural areas the opportunity to earn money in their own community. We’re providing practical training in specific business skills – for example, goat rearing – as well as marketing and general business skills. We’re providing advice on managing household budgets, how to save and how to take control of personal finances.

Charity partnership

As part of KPMG’s relationship with Concern, the company has provided pro-bono audit services. Over the past couple of years, they have sent a number of staff on secondment to work in our overseas offices, carrying out specific auditing tasks. They also encouraged staff to organise fundraising events to support our work.