The Mansehra Food Security Project Pakistan – Final Evaluation

Last updated:
15 April 2014
Paigham Shah

The Mansehra Food Security Project in Pakistan had an objective of reducing the negative effect of high prices on poor households. 

This 2012 report outlines the findings of an evaluation of the two-year EC funded "Mansehra Food Security Project" in Pakistan. The evaluation found that grain crops, vegetables, livestock, and poultry productivity increased due to enhanced availability of quality agriculture inputs, better management practices and access to local extension services as well as markets. Enhanced food production resulted in greater food availability and more diversity of the food consumption of the participating households from their own land resources.

Thus, by the end of the project, there was considerable improvement in the food security situation of the beneficiary households which is an indicator of the overall goal of reducing the adverse effect of high food prices on poor communities in the targeted areas.


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