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Concerned citizens, join our Debates team!

The Sacred Heart Secondary School, Clonakilty, celebrating at the Concern Debates Final. Photo: Concern Worldwide
The Sacred Heart Secondary School, Clonakilty, celebrating at the Concern Debates Final. Photo: Concern Worldwide
News3 August 2017Ger Carroll

One look at the news these days shows that our world needs informed, insightful, rational debate more than ever. Become a Concern Debates adjudicator to support the next generation to bring it on!   

The Concern Debates team is actively seeking new people to volunteer as adjudicators for our secondary school debates competition. Over 120 schools from across the island of Ireland enter the competition each year – and that means we need many bums to fill those adjudicator seats!

“Win or lose, every student is proud of themselves”

Barbara George, aged 21, has been attending Concern Debates with her adjudicator Dad since she was seven years old. Watching and learning through the years, she herself became a Concern debater as soon as she could, and now she’s a second generation adjudicator! Barbara tells us:

“I think the Concern Debates are a great way for young students to really find out about the world on topics they wouldn't usually come across.” She adds:

The debates build your confidence and self-esteem which is great to see in young people. Most of all I love the interaction and teamwork between the students because win or lose, each and every student is proud of themselves for getting up at that podium and being able to command a room.

Barbara concludes, “The fact that a student is able to actually teach people about the world we live in today is a great thing to watch.”

We need you!

Concern Debates allow students to challenge structures and ideas, develop their social conscience and discover their own voice, and, like Barbara, you could be playing a part in this. Our squad of adjudicators are made up of a vast array of different people from all walks of life including; working professionals, university students and even our own staff members, but we also need you!

Do I need super-human skills to be an adjudicator?

Think that you don’t have what it takes to volunteer with us? Think again! We will provide you with high quality training that will empower you to give laser sharp feedback, support and encouragement to debates students. You will also receive an easy to read handbook with helpful instructions and tips.

Why should you become a volunteer adjudicator?

  • Great for your CV (We will provide a letter of reference!)
  • A chance to learn about Concern’s work
  • An opportunity to engage with young people

What are you waiting for?

Learn more and sign up to become one of our marvellous adjudicators!

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