Female voices from Niger: 'The times are changing'

There are not enough words of encouragement for women, says Amina.
There are not enough words of encouragement for women, says Amina.
News12 July 2018Amina Toudou

Amina Toudou wants to motivate other women to not limit themselves and dream big. She explains why in our final blog from our Female Voices from Niger series.

Defy the naysayers

Even from a young age, I didn’t like to get something for nothing. As a teenager, I was already asking my brothers and sisters to loan me money, but I never wanted them to just give it to me. Independence, discovering new horizons and helping others are my motivations.

My career decision was my own, but my father and brothers supported me enormously.

Part of me wanted to defy all those people who have the bad habit of thinking that women cannot fulfill their duties as a field worker and cover kilometres with a motorbike across difficult terrain.

People need to understand that times are changing and we cannot fall behind, whether man or woman, we are all equal in the eyes of the law. For me, it's also important to act as an example and to motivate rural women, who are for the most part illiterate and who think their rights are limited to their houses. Concern is the perfect place for me to prove myself with the gender equality team.

My idol

Nigerien diplomat Aichatou Mindaoudou has always been my idol and motivation not just because of her charisma and desire to change things, but also for her diplomacy skills.

There are not enough words of encouragement for women. It is vital that all women, especially Nigerien women, understand that staying in the shadows doesn’t change anything.

Today it is imperative that women have their autonomy in every aspect of life. Everyone has to fight to find their way. It is high time that women understand that they are more capable than they believe.

Autonomy is, in reality, the only key that can open the door to liberty and respect for women. 

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