Female voices from Niger: 'Anything a man can do, a woman can do'

Aida received support from her mother and husband.
Aida received support from her mother and husband.
News11 July 2018Aida Kane

In our second blog from our Female Voices from Niger series, Concern Worldwide HR Officer in Niger Aida Kane explains how education pushed her to work and why she sees it as her contribution to society.


Mother's support

When I finished university, I decided I wasn’t made for staying at home. I’m not a housewife, I have to contribute to society and active life.

I have to apply what I learned in university. My mother always advised me to look for a job. It was her who guided my choice of studies and it was her who helped me prepare my application when I saw a job offer. She has always supported me. She herself didn’t accept being a housewife and worked and fought for her children.

She helped me understand that women mustn’t stay at home. That they must contribute to the development of society, especially for the empowerment of women.

A message to all women

After my mother, my husband has supported me without complaint. The fact that he doesn’t discourage me from going to work each day means I can say that he trusts me.

The message that I have for women is really to wake up and to fight! You have to do everything to work, because if you work, you become active, you learn and you bring your contribution to the development of society and to the education of your children.

As a women, when you leave home and you work, you really become enlightened and empowered.

So I say women need to wake up and understand that it really is time that we tell ourselves that everything that a man can do a woman can do too.

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