Ireland's new ‘A Better World’ policy sets a 'bold and ambitious agenda'

Press release28 February 2019

Concern Worldwide Chief Executive, Dominic MacSorley, has described the government’s new international development policy ‘A Better World’ as a "bold and ambitious agenda."

Concern Worldwide Chief Executive Dominic MacSorley
Concern Worldwide Chief Executive Dominic MacSorley has described Ireland's new international development policy A Better World as a bold and ambitious agenda.

A moral imperative to build a better world

Mr MacSorley has welcomed Ireland's new international development policy and commended the Irish government for "stating a clear commitment to reaching the furthest behind first."

He said this new policy reflects many of the recommendations made by Concern during the consultation process, including the need to increase commitments to principled humanitarian assistance, strengthen support to fragile states and to invest in robust, transparent governance systems. 

Reflecting on Ireland’s historical support to development assistance, he commended the country's continued leadership and for it maintaining a focus on extreme poverty.

Mr MacSorley also praised Ireland for its leadership on hunger and for its rich history of supporting development education. 

Conflict, hunger and climate change are destroying lives

Speaking from the launch of 'A Better World' this morning at the Sustainable Development Goals Unit in University College Dublin, he said: “Ireland’s new development policy sets a direction with a bold and ambitious agenda that will directly and positively impact the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people.

“A better world, one where children aren’t dying needlessly from hunger, where families aren’t forced into decades of displacement by conflict will require a monumental shift of resources, energy and engagement where the needs are greatest.

"Conflict, hunger and climate change are destroying lives and livelihoods, and undermining global progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Now more than ever, as commitments to principled, untied aid are under threat, we need to recognise that to really make a difference, we need to be present and working alongside those living in extreme poverty in countries like Central African Republic, Chad and South Sudan. 

“There is a moral imperative to build a better world and future for all. Ireland has an important role to play and our collective contribution makes a difference in the lives of those furthest behind."

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