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Nothing Kills Like Hunger - Concern Worldwide launches campaign as millions face famine

Press release1 September 2021
Nothing Kills Like Hunger avocado grenade
Nothing Kills Like Hunger avocado grenade

Concern Worldwide today launched a public campaign to end hunger as a result of war and conflict. Of the 41 million people currently on the brink of famine, the majority live in areas ravaged by conflict such as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen.

“Conflict is on the rise and so is hunger. This campaign focuses on the injustice of the fact that people living in conflict zones may have survived the unimaginable, only to then face an even greater threat from the starvation brought about by warfare. Often their crops are destroyed, they are displaced from their land and have no access to food.  Disruption to local economies and markets means that food, a basic human right, is out of reach. This is now the reality for millions of people caught up in conflict,” said Concern Worldwide CEO, Dominic MacSorley.

“In 2021, there should be no place for famine or hunger in the world. Yet, it is happening.”

 “But starvation is not inevitable - even in war. We can’t stand by and watch this happening and we are urging the public and our supporters to join us in this campaign.”

The ‘Nothing Kills Like Hunger’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the surge in hunger as a result of warfare and to rally public support for Concern’s programmes in conflict zones. In the coming weeks, the public will also be urged to join forces to influence key decision makers in bringing about real change at international level, coinciding with Ireland’s Presidency of the UN Security Council this month.

For decades, it looked likely that the fight to end global hunger could be won. But over the last five years, acute food insecurity – the most urgent form of hunger – has been on the rise, primarily driven by conflict.

“This year we are facing unprecedented levels of hunger, with 41 million people at risk of starvation – that’s more than 8 times the population of Ireland,” Mr MacSorley said.  

Of the 820 million people currently food insecure, 60% live in conflict zones. While we typically associate conflict with guns and weaponry, children in living in conflict areas are more likely to die as a result of hunger and related diseases, than fighting.

“Even in the most challenging contexts, we must remember that with access and resources, hunger is preventable,” Mr MacSorley said. “We cannot resign ourselves to the inevitability of hunger and starvation.”

Concern Worldwide launched a new social video ‘I Survived’ to mark the start of the campaign. “We are urging people to watch the video and share it widely as it highlights the harsh reality for millions of children around the world today,” he added.  The video can be watched here.

“Concern is currently working with millions of vulnerable people who are displaced or experiencing hunger directly or indirectly by conflict. We are asking the Irish people to support our work in some of the most challenging environments in the world, and to raise their voice on the outrage of hunger in 2021,” Mr MacSorley said.

Concern Worldwide provides development and humanitarian interventions in 23 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Haiti.

To donate to the Nothing Kills Like Hunger campaign visit:

For media queries contact Eilis Staunton, Media Relations Officer, Concern Worldwide, at or 085 8720720

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