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Register for the Concern Debates programme (post primary)

Please include details of other teachers/staff members who will be assisting you with the Concern Debates Programme.

For Northern Ireland schools, please input N/A
For Northern Ireland schools, please input N/A

Please indicate your agreement to the following requirements:

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions as it details key pieces of information about the Concern Debates Programme.

Thank you for your interest! We will keep your details on file so we can contact you about arranging the Concern Debates Programme. We usually follow up with schools/teachers every one to two years to see if they want to re-register with the Concern Debates Programme.  

If you don’t, or you want us to stop contacting you, you can let us know at any time! To find out more, please view our privacy statement.

If you would like to attend the Concern Primary Debates Final, please simply email with your name and the number of guests you would like to bring!

2024 Concern Debates All-Island Post-Primary Final Winners!

Congratulations to the 2024 Concern Debates All-Island Post-Primary Final Champions: Hazelwood College of Limerick! On the 2nd of May at The Helix, they debated against Ursuline Secondary School, who placed second.

Watch the Concern Post-Primary Debates Final 2023-2024

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