Debate materials

We’ve got a host of Debating material for you to download and if you’re still hungry for more, you can attend one of our teacher training sessions or organise a student online workshop.

Contact to attend a teacher information session or to schedule an online workshop with your students

Debate materials

Check out our range of Concern Debates handbooks and marking sheets to help you get started.

Debates podcast

Listen to our new podcast 'Debating Development'. The series aims to support teachers, student and adjudicators involved with the Concern Debates programme. Concern staff and former debaters are on hand to discuss top tips for succeeding in the competition and analysing some of the motions to give your team a head start!

Debates workshops

If you’re thinking of entering a team in the Concern Debates, but aren’t sure what’s involved, contact us to find out about our online debates webinars.

Due to social distancing restrictions, we are unable to offer workshops in person but are available to run online webinars with students and their teachers. We will got through the rules of the competition, tips for writing a good speech and support with refutations and rebuttals.

We are also available to support teachers with technical support such as uploading videos of student speeches and any questions about the programme.

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