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Why are we in Rwanda? Since the 1994 genocide, when over 800,000 people were killed over a period of 100 days, Rwanda has made remarkable progress. Generally, peace and stability have been maintained within the country’s borders and there have been noted improvements in economic growth. However, chronic malnutrition and poverty still exist in the poorest provinces in Rwanda.

Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa

Despite the development progress made so far, Rwanda is ranked 165th out of 191 countries in the Human Development Index 2022 and is facing significant challenges. 38.2% of the population are still living in poverty and 16% in extreme poverty. Chronic malnutrition also remains a serious challenge. We are currently implementing the Graduation programme, supporting extremely poor and vulnerable households.

Latest achievements


The results of our six-year graduation programme reflect significant improvements in the lives of those supported. Recent graduates show an increased economic wellbeing score of 178% above baseline, proving the programme's strong progress and success.

Supporting policy change

Shelters for homeless households

Muganza football team in Rwanda
Muganza team, one of the five local teams that participated at HIV/AIDS prevention awareness campaign organised by Concern Rwanda. Photo: Rachel Abayisenga/Concern Worldwide
Beatha Uwitonze standing in her farm in Rwanda
Beatha Uwitonze (33), married to Daniel and mother of three children tends to her home garden in Muganza, Gisagara. Beatha is president of two farmer field associations. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Clementine Nyirababyeyi leaning against fence around her plot of land in Rwanda
Clementine Nyirababyeyi has a cow, goats, chickens and a sheep, and grows fruit and vegetables on her own plot of land in Mugombwa, Gisagara. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Alexia Mukashyaka and her daughter Brigit in matching outfits
Alexia Mukashyaka (40) and her daughter Brigit (2) at her tailoring shop in Mugombwa, Gisagara. Photo: Eugene Ikua/Concern Worldwide
Concern Rwanda team cut cake on International Women's Day
Concern Rwanda celebrating International Women's Day 2022. Photo: Concern Worldwide

Newstalk country visit

The Rwandan genocide tore the African nation apart and saw over 800,000 people killed in just 100 days. Newstalk's Shona Murray visited Rwanda with Concern to meet those who lived through it and to see how they're rebuilding their lives. 

How we're helping Rwanda

Our programmes in Rwanda employ innovative techniques and models, such as linking agriculture and nutrition, and applying the graduation model, to help transform the lives of the extreme poor.

Graduation programme

Organisations who fund us

Hani (name changed) writing on blackboard in school

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  • Millions of children being denied a proper education

  • Roughly double the number of Irish children can't go to school

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