Kerry Group

Kerry Group

Global food company Kerry Group has extended its partnership with Concern through a four-year project to improve food security and nutrition in Niger.

John Savage, President & CEO, Kerry APMEA, Kwan Li, Country Director in Niger, Edmond Scanlon, CEO, Kerry Group, Anne O’Mahony, Director of International Programmes and Paul Hewitt, VP & General Manager, Kerry SSA announce the launch of four-year project

Innovative partnership

Building on the success of the previous Kerry-funded RAIN (Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition) project in Zambia, Kerry Group has generously committed to extending its partnership with Concern through a four-year project to improve food security and nutrition in Niger.

RAIN project in Zambia

Kerry Group previously funded a five-year project with the aim of improving nutrition in the critical time between pregnancy and two years of age. It focused on the sustainable prevention of malnutrition in children under two – the crucial 1,000 days period when proper nutrition is so crucial for physical and cognitive development. Zambia was chosen as the location because approximately 45% of its pre-school children are stunted as a result of malnutrition.

Preventing malnutrition

As an organisation leading the way in the treatment of malnutrition, the RAIN project is enabling us to focus specifically on the prevention of stunted growth. Stunting has irreversible effects on the physical and mental development of children and is the underlying cause of 3.5 million deaths each year. 

We are now building on the success of the RAIN project in Zambia and implementing it in Niger where it is expected to make lasting improvements to food security, nutrition and the overall livelihoods in the Tahoua Region of Niger, West Africa.

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