Judging at the Concern Debates

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Judging at the Concern Debates

Interested in topics like climate change and gender equality? Interested in working with young people? Then why not volunteer to adjudicate (judge) at the Concern Debates!

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Adjudicators at the Concern Debates

The Concern Debates encourages students and teachers to become advocates on issues relating to development, poverty, justice and human rights. Volunteers can adjudicate (judge) as many or as few debates as they wish and Debates last max one hour and take place within post-primary schools all over Ireland from 8 pm.

With 130 schools competing every year in at least four debates, adjudicators are the lifeblood of the Concern Debates programme as each debate requires three independent adjudicators.

Between October and January, the Concern Debates team will be organising over 400 individual debates and would love for you to sign up to our wonderful panel of adjudicators and hear the insightful views of today’s youth on global issues. We are always on hand in Concern Debates HQ to support existing and new adjudicators with training and any queries you may have. Download a copy of our brand new Adjudicator Handbook for more information.

What skills should an adjudicator have?

No expertise is required to become an adjudicator but an open mind is essential. You must be able to see both sides of an argument and be able to give constructive positive feedback. 

What kind of commitment is involved?

Generally, adjudicators will adjudicate at one debate per month (during the school year) but they are free to adjudicate at as few or as many debates as they wish.

How does it work?

Full training is provided for each volunteer adjudicator and Concern will happily provide a reference for each volunteer who participates. If you are interested in becoming an adjudicator, simply fill in our adjudicator sign up form. When a Debate is happening in your area, you will be contacted by us to check if you are free to adjudicate. If you are then available to adjudicate, Concern will send you all the details of the debate: venue, motion etc. Debates generally begin at 8 pm and are over by 9 pm.

How do you sign up?

We are currently recruiting for new adjudicators and will be running training and information sessions on the below dates. if you're interested in becoming a volunteer adjudicator, please sign up below and a Concern member of staff will be in touch with further information. 

Date: Day: Location:
19 September Wednesday Dublin
26 September Wednesday Dublin
17 October Wednesday Limerick
18 October Thursday Galway