Third level education programmes

Third level education programmes

We offer four innovative initiatives for third-level student participation.

Each programme and competition has been carefully designed to challenge students to reflect on global issues and how they can be solved. It’s a great way to learn more about the world around you, and how you can help make it better.

Concern Debates adjudicator

With over 140 schools competing every year in at least four debates, adjudicators are the lifeblood of the Concern Debates programme as each debate requires three independent adjudicators.

Between October and January, the Concern Debates team will be organising over 400 individual debates and would love for you to sign up to our wonderful panel of adjudicators and hear the insightful views of today’s youth on global issues!

Interested in becoming a Concern Debates adjudicator? 

Project Us

Project Us explores how issues at the local level connect to the UN’s Global Goals, the international pathway towards creating a more equal world by 2030. It is a unique forum for the people of Ireland, to share ideas, raise our voices and connect.

Our Project Us coffee conversation events are coming to your city in 2019 to bring communities together to reflect on the issues that matter to us and get ideas on the Global Goals sparking!

Find out more about Project Us events

Where there is no Engineer

Where there is no Engineer is a design initiative coordinated by the Development Technology Research Group in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). The programme is funded by Irish Aid and delivered in partnership with Concern, Engineers Ireland and Engineers without Borders Ireland.

Participating students will be tasked with creating design solutions to very real life development projects with the winners being given the opportunity to travel to a Concern programme country to experience first hand the challenges faced by local communities.

Interested in taking part in Where there is no Engineer?

Mandela debate

The Mandela debate is run by the African Students Association of Ireland (ASAI) in partnership with Concern. It is an intervarsity debate series in which students are challenged to critically reflect on and debate issues relating to building a more just and equal world.

It was created in recognition of the work of Nelson Mandela and aims to inspire students to discuss lasting solutions to national and global challenges.

Interested in taking part in the Mandela debate?

ASAI member students at their AGM. Photo: ASAI.
ASAI member students at their AGM. Photo: ASAI.
ASAI students discussing the Mandela Debate. Photo: ASAI.
ASAI students discussing the Mandela Debate. Photo: ASAI.

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