Our charity work in Zambia

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Our charity work in Zambia

Although Zambia was quiet on the political front and the economy is performing well, poverty levels remain high, particularly in rural areas.

Latest updates

Concern Worldwide expanded its operations into two new districts and started working with five new partners. It focused mainly on livelihoods, HIV and AIDS and nutrition. Concern also responded to exceptionally high and early flooding of the Zambezi river. 

Featured video 

This video features Concern's RAIN project in Zambia. Its aim is to improve nutrition in the critical time between pregnancy and a child's second birthday. 
Improving income

We helped 32,671 people secure a living by providing skills training and the results have been very successful. People who participated in our projects have seen their incomes increase by over 19%. Our projects include training in new farming techniques, better access to markets, honey production, fish and poultry farming.


We provided support and services for 2,049 people living with HIV, while also developing the skills of organisations working with in this field. We helped establish 20 support groups, which started vegetable and herb gardens to provide members dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

We started working with local charity partners on HIV projects, promoting voluntary counselling and treatment for young people, raising awareness through drama, training and anti-stigma clubs.

Better choice

1,722 households received cash grants to replace items lost in the floods, giving them the choice to decide what to buy. We also trained 3,178 households in new farming techniques and distributed seeds and tools to more than 19,000 people.

Concern also helped communities clear canals, reducing their vulnerability to flash floods and opening up new land for cultivation.

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