Our work in Zambia

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Our work in Zambia

Although Zambia is quiet on the political front, the economy has taken a battering with falling export prices and devaluation. Poverty levels and chronic malnutrition remain high, particularly in rural areas.

Latest updates

RAIN project

This video features Concern's RAIN project in Zambia. Its aim is to improve nutrition in the critical time between pregnancy and a child's second birthday. Read about the methodology, process and impacts in the RAIN final report.

2015–2016 El Niño

Zambia is among the southern and eastern African countries feeling the devastating effects of the 2015–2016 El Niño.

Currently Concern is supporting the government’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to undertake a food security assessment, and also a food market assessment in the worst affected areas. Once the government calls for support then emergency drought support can start.

Cash transfers for the worst affected farmers are being planned for the months when they experience food shortages. A seed recovery support programme has provided seeds for planting to farmers for the 2015–16 cereal cropping season. These farmers had produced little yield due to limited rainfall, from the previous harvest.

Failure of the maize crop due to drought in Munguli Community, Senanga district, Western Province, Zambia in March 2015. Photograph taken by Concern Worldwide.

Improving income

We helped 32,671 people secure a living by providing skills training and the results have been very successful. People who participated in our projects have seen their incomes increase by over 19%. Our projects include training in new farming techniques, better access to markets, honey production, fish and poultry farming.